Last year was a prosperous one for Lenno, as he released his album “Sunrise.” Coming off his success, the 22 year old is one of three producers tasked with remixing Oliver Helden’s “I Don’t Wanna Go Home.” A lot of funk has been added in this rework. The bassline goes from the stereotypical Heldens bass, to a much groovier one. The organ is also less prominent in the remix, which tones down the intensity in a good way. Lenno has changed the original from a prime time banger, into a funky summer song. Check out the remix below. It can be purchased through Heldeep records here, and more music from Lenno can be found via his soundcloud.

I am AJ. My music taste is eclectic and my personality is electric. I listen to nearly all genres, but DnB and house are my favorites. Amtrac, Maya Jane Coles, Current Value, Deru, and Lucio De Rimanez are my most listened to artists. The first eighteen years of my life were spent in South Jersey, followed with stints in York, PA and Seattle, WA. Currently I live in Nashville, TN.