Sam Gellaitry is an expert of his field, with an outstanding ability to not only produce music but stories through sound. His highly anticipated EP “Escapism III” will release on April 7 with XL Recordings, with trance-inducing singles such as “Jungle Waters,” and the newly released “Ceremony.” This is the second sneak peak before the EP drops, and will technically complete the “Escapism” trilogy. If it's anything like the previous two, any electronic music fan should keep an eye out for this genre-bender.

As soon as this song begins, a steady buildup fluently transforms the tone from incandescent to incessant. It is undoubtedly a highlight for the world of experimental trap.The strong bass of this track is electrifying when paired with the relentless synths; overall the progression provides a harmonious balance between the intense and the calm, ending this song with the lulls of a softer melody while maintaining a bizarre beat.

His EP is available for pre-order now before the April 7th release!

It's ironic how the similar theme in both released previews is their fluidity: they are only parallel for the sole purpose of sounding unlike anything else in the game. Gellaitry embodies escapism in his tracks by remaining absent of structure, and allowing the beat to change, escape, and transform as it pleases.



Manon Riley
My name is Manon Riley, I am an 18 yr. old environmental journalism student at Point Park University. Electronic music is something permanently embedded into my brain, and will always be a part of me, I've currently been getting into a lot of xander., Moglii, Louis The Child, and basically any down-tempo trap that's out there. I like inspiration that comes from the most obscure places.
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