When it comes down to it there are always going to be a few names that stick out when you think of electronic music. Since 2008 and probably for the next 150 years deadmau5 will be one of those names. His brilliant branding strategy mixed in with his utterly incredible ability to make the most complex and forward thinking music has created an unstoppable monster. deadmau5, love him or hate him is an unofficial face of our culture. He is the embodiment of electronic music (note I did not say EDM).

This past week it was announced that Canada's National Music Centre would display one of his legendary Mau5 heads and stage outfit in their exhibition. Now if you are not from the pleasant northern neighbor of the ever increasing in insanity America, then you might be a bit unfamiliar with what exactly the National Music Centre is. Well the name is a bit of a give away, but it is basically the equivalent of a Rock n Roll hall of fame. It is a true honor to have your work as an artist displayed there and now deadmau5 is part of the exclusive group.

Take a look at the Cheese Mau5 Head, signature Puma shirt and jeans that has graced Deadmau5 ever since he left the original red Mau5 head and suit behind. Also read the Centre's blurb about the Mau5head:

“There are few stage props as whimsical and recognizable as the trademark mau5head worn by Canadian electronic-dance music producer Joel Zimmerman—better known as deadmau5. One of many versions of his iconic mau5head, this cheesy iteration was the result of a fan-based design contest. After receiving almost 2000 submissions, deadmau5 chose Lance Thackeray’s Cheese Head design as the winner—favouring its humour and simplicity. The 3D version was produced in Jim Henson’s Creature Shop in Hollywood and worn by deadmau5 during live performances, and on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine in 2012.”

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