Notaker released Born in the Flames today, on Armada Captivating, and I will be damned if this producer does not get exponentially better with every new release. Notaker's unique sound has been inspired by such greats as Hans Zimmer, Deadmau5, and Eric Prydz. With releases on a multitude of credible labels like Positronic, Monstercat, and Mau5trap; Notaker has already seen success, and Born in Flames takes it a step further.

Notaker starts Born in the Flames with atmospheric synths accompanied by a sample of a lighter and crackling fire. The bass line comes in with power and grace driving the song forward. The synths bring about a wonderful melody with an occasional staccato section which adds a slight glitch vibe to this complex song.

“For Born in the Flames I really wanted to capture a specificly darker mood than in my previous records. I was looking to make it epic and dark but not ominous. My first idea was to theme the song around fire and how it makes me feel. Watching an open flame burn brings out a primal fascination in us all I think. Using the crackling fire sample helped me evoke some of those emotions in my track and ultimately brings the listener into the world of my song.” -Notaker

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