The name Armada is synonymous with trance music, particularly the State Of Trance sound, which has become the gold standard in stadium caliber dance beats with heaps of emotion as well. Anyone who's familiar with LA based production virtuoso, Johnny Yono, knows that this describes him in a nutshell. His latest release and debut on the ASOT label, “Evil Intent”, is no doubt one of Yono's grandest tracks in terms of scale but also one of his darkest. Sinister, swelling synths make up for a seriously aggressive banger, with no sparkly euphoria but rather a sinking spiral into trance oblivion. It's a fresh change of scenery to a style that's typically known for it's abundance of fluff, but he does so without deviating from trance at all. He avoids the electro and house influences that would have been all too easy to incorporate for a more demonic track shifting the focus on the intense, driving rhythm that has been a staple of his discography and ultimately creates a far more impactful track. A tremendous tune from one of the best in the business. Count on more to come from Johnny Yono and ASOT later this year.