If you've been following Slushii lately, you've probably actually seen him live because he's been touring like it's going out of style. And from the looks of it, he has no plans of slowing down until the beginning of May. But surprisingly enough, he's also been releasing new music with his latest track “Catch Me” dropping last week.

The 19-year-old producer's new song is an upbeat, house-inspired & bass-heavy track that has just enough differentiation to his other stuff to draw you in. It starts off quick and jumpy with auto-tuned lyrics asking you to “pick me up”. And as it progresses, you're pleasantly surprised with seamless drops and critical dubstep sound. This track is the beautiful compilation of exceptionally quick bpm, wallowing synth and bass.

So turn the speakers up loud and find a date to catch him live, as we all patiently await to see what's next for this beloved producer.