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The Chainsmokers’ Dogs and More: The Most Adorable Pets of EDM

Here at EDM Sauce we think that the DJs and producers get way to much of the spotlight in the industry. There are some seriously unspoken heroes in the dance music world that really never get the credit they deserve. Obviously we are talking about the animals. The pets that hold down the studio while their owners are away on tour and keep their moms and dads company when they are home are the real MVPs. So we decided to compile a list of the best pets of the dance music world. We also threw in a few of the EDM Sauce animal's as well.

Kitty Lights
Owned by: Pretty Lights

Kitty Lights are the duo of adorable Scottish Fold cats owned by electronic funk Pioneer Pretty Lights. They go by Neko and Minxy and are absolutely adorable. They also go on tour with their owner and have their own Instagram which you can visit here. 

Puppy Diamond
Owned by: Paper Diamond

Puppy Diamond is a good boy. He is a giant fluffy Chow Chow who is completely adorable. Puppy Diamond stays at home most of the time as Paper Diamond doesn't think tour life is suitable for a dog but he is always in the studio with PD to offer inspiration.

Meowingtons and Nyan
Owned by: Deadmau5

The adorable tuxedo cat owned by Deadmau5 is known as Meowingtons. This cat has quite the cult following. He has his own songs, compilations and an Instagram which is shockingly meticulously made to appear as a first person account. It is worth noting that Deadmau5 also has another cat, the precious Nyan. While Nyan is less famous than Meowingtons both seem to the center of Joel's world.

Too many options

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Cheddar and Louie
Owned by: The Chainsmokers

If you think I'm sexy and you want my body cmon baby let me know

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