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Super Square Pushes Genre Boundaries in Debut Interview

There are so few times in the year that an up and coming artists slides through our work desk here at EDMsauce that really blows our mind with their creativity, production value, and overall personality.

Most recently however, a group called Super Square, hailing from the West Coast, has done just that. We came across their track, ‘Into Me' and after just one listen, we fell in love with their lyrics, melodies, creativity, and overall talent.

We got a chance to catch up with the trio, and sat down to learn more not only about their group, but their journey, past and current, that has brought them to the forefront of festivals and headlining some of the best clubs on the West Coast. The following is a sit down with Super Square aliases, Helen Eugene, A_Rival (Alex), and Jimmy Hits.

First off, check out the newly released remix pack of Super Squares fantastic hit track, “Push”. These remixes push every single boundary of electronic dance music and feature artists like Sluggo, KJ Sawka, Phenom, and many more. Check them out here:

Delving into the opening of the interview, we wanted to learn as much of the history of the group as we could.

“Ben lavee was a childhood friend of ours who came to us wanting to create music. He had been a resident dj with monster energy drink at the time, and wanted to create a group. They brought me (helen) to do vocals and immediately started recording. about 1 year into the creation of super square, ben was killed in a car accident leaving us to continue his dream. we are extremely dedicated to keeping his dream alive and we so hope he is proud of us.”

After revealing such an emotional backstory to us, Super Square informed us that the track we fell in love with titled, “Into Me”, was actually one of the first projects they had worked on with Ben before he passed. The song was never properly released until recently on Impossible Records, curated by infamous individual artist, Pendulum & Destroid Drummer, KJ Sawka. You can check out this fantastic production below!

Moving forward, Super Square told us all about their recent experiences, including their prime-time Bumbershoot festival time-slot they procured in 2016.

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“It was honestly a massive breakthrough for us and we had a ton of fun being on stage in front of thousands of people. we were so happy to share our music with the crowd and it created such an awesome atmosphere”

Check out Super Square's recap video from their Bumbershoot set below.

Focusing on the high production quality of their music and the importance of creating alternative media as a production group, we wanted to know if the group had any plans outside of the studio to not only expand their fan base, but also ways they can let the outside world view their music in a different light.

“This weekend we're in the mountains of wa state filming a music video for into me. The video will be fully filmed, produced, and edited by the three of us. it's a big project, but we're down for the CHALLENGE.”

After explaining the process of creating alternative media for the group, our massive producer fan-base at always finds interest into what type of equipment other producers use, including any guidance or studio tips they can share with the world. Super Square had no problem giving us their production advice.

“We work on fl studio for production. Alex has been using fl studio since it first came out. our live productions are pretty unique, however since we perform much of our music live. We use a tc helicon vocal effect and a shure sm58a Mic.””

Helen providing live lyrics at Bumbershoot Festival 2016

Aside from explaining what makes their live sets different than many DJ's and producers out there, they also wanted to share some information with the producer community on how to approach your music in the studio.

“many people feel like they're wrong if they are influenced by the music around them, or even worse, offended that somebody said they sound like (insert artist here). The reality is, you will always be influenced by music around you. don't be afraid to take those influences and filter them through your own perspective and life experiences to create something new and original.”

Lastly, we wanted to delve a bit into what the group had on deck currently and what they want the public to know about their future plans.

“We're currently in the studio working on another release for impossible records and we've got a few collabs with some amazing artists. We have a ton of stuff in the pipeline for 2017! So be ready!”

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