Listen to us now, and listen to us close. In the next year, you are going to hear this name a lot… Essonite. Say it again, let it roll off your tongue, and get used to it. The duo from Philadelphia is here, and they are here to stay. With nowhere else to go but up, an incredible range of talents, and dedication beyond belief, this group is set to begin their climb to the fame and fortune they so truly deserve. Luckily for you, we have the pleasure of having an exclusive premiere of their latest project, a four song EP entitled “Within Living Memory”. The project features Essonite's classic sound, combining various aspects of funk, blues, jazz, electro, and hip-hop, into a fusion storm of intensely interacting styles that plays just right to the ear. When it comes to specific artists, the group has been compared to acts such as Break Science, Marvel Years, Big Gigantic, Pretty Lights, Griz, and Gramatik.

Having the chance to get to know the duo leading up to this release, we had the chance to speak with them about various aspects of their process. What we've drawn from the conversations we've had with them, is that these guys are about as serious about the music they are making as serious can get. They stressed to us the overarching importance of keeping intact the passion and love for their art that inspired them to begin experimenting with sound in the first place.

Our favorite track off their new project is the opening title track, “The Thrill Is Gone”. This track perfectly encompasses the groovy yet powerful sound that the duo possess and creates an atmosphere filled with constantly shifting and skillfully crafted highs and lows that develop the tracks circular pattern, circulating the piece through the ears of listeners with grace. The group informed us that over eighty hours of studio time went into just this one track, and it explicitly shows in the final product.

Every song on this EP seems to leave us begging for more. With under two hundred followers on Soundcloud, this is your chance to grab this group early on in their career and watch them evolve into the stars they are meant to be. Stay tuned to our site for all things Essonite, and make sure to listen to the project below. We hope it will make your ears as happy and joyous as it has all of ours.

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Adam Leopold
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