Since 2010, Jason Leach created the brilliant idea of pressing cremated ashes of loved ones into a perfectly functioning Vinyl. The brilliant idea came into play while he was meditating on what will happen to his ashes once his body was cremated. He realized that he didn't want his ashes thrown typically into the wind, but turned into a record. Based in the U.K., he began a business pressing not only ashes of loved ones but objects with sentimental meaning into vinyl. The vinyls work like any kind of functional vinyl; you can add an audio of your choice, whether it be the voice of a loved one or music. You can even choose the vinyl cover, whether it be a photo of a loved one or a portrait created from their ashes.

In a recent documentary, Jason Leach explains the start of it all. One night at a pub, He met a man by the name of John Hobson. During their conversation, Hobson shared with Leach that he had the ashes of his mother, Madge, and a recording of her voice. Leach thought it was a brilliant idea to turn those cremated ashes into a beautiful vinyl, in memory of her. Today, he owns his own business, creating unlimited amounts of vinyls for others in mourning for their loved ones.

You can create your own vinyl here.