Electronic artists and producers often are shrouded in mystery. Some switch between multiple aliases, cover their face, and manage to stay anonymous for years and years into their career. However, every now and then an artist does the opposite, and breaks the 4th wall. They decide to connect with their fans on a vulnerable, personable level.

Days ago, Russian producer Arty did just that. He posted a long note on Facebook, describing his musical journey intimately, and his feelings around rising to stardom. The producer originally came to infamy in 2009 as Alpha 9, making flavorful trance music. After retiring the alias 7 years ago, the DJ has gone on to produce big house and dance, with official remixes of Moby, Porter Robinson, and London Grammer. 

Looking back on this past year, he says that “It was a year of re-discovering myself as an artist and as a person as well… I [haven't felt] myself so inspired and productive in a long time, and it was probably the first time I opened my eyes so wide… I noticed how much my music was different from what I've done in the past, and I felt like I had been neglecting my long-time fans and it didn't feel fair.”

And so, Alpha 9 was re-born into 2017 with the luminous track “The Night Is Ours“. Long time fans of the musician will melt upon hearing the track. It's dreamy, introspective, uplifting, and rings in the essence of his trance roots. Even if you've never heard of him, the single is sure to inspire.