Fool's Gold co-founder and artist, A-Trak, revived the seemingly lost genre of Bloghaus during his Holy Ship set at the start of this year. Lucky for us the full two hour set was posted to his Soundcloud. The producer and immensely talented DJ has expressed his appreciation for the often forgotten genre in the past. In October 2015 he released another full Bloghaus and claimed some of his favorite edm songs were from the Bloghaus era.

For those unfamiliar, Bloghaus is a subgenre of electronic music that arose from a fanbase that primarily used the internet and blogs to discover new music. It's short-lived legacy lasted from 2004-2007 (debatably 2009) during Myspace's peak. The sound combines traditional music with techno, acid, and house elements to provide a modern and dance-y twist.

A-Trak most certainly created a set that incorporated those Bloghaus fundamentals. From industrial techno sounds, groovy house beats, and remixes of almost every great early 2000's song, the set will keep you guessing as well as dancing. He even starts off strong by opening with a Christina Aguilera remix and by the end has thrown down an AC/DC Thunderstruck remix, Shooting Stars by Bag Raiders, and Chromeo.

Give a listen to the truly stellar set down below and let's keep praying for some more Bloghaus in the near future.


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