Nick Miller, a California native and Colorado resident, seemed to show up out of nowhere last year as Illenium when he released his debut album “Ashes” on February 15, 2016. Miller had been producing electronic music for the past eight years, but the album truly took his career to the next level. He embarked on “The Ashes Tour” and now Illenium looks to be a common name to read on lineups as the festival season approaches.

Nonetheless, the breakout artist had other releases as he toured last year, but his first single of the new year brings that beautiful style found on “Ashes” back to life. Featuring Nevve, “Fractures” opens with a soft acoustic guitar while drums begin to hit harder and harder. In a future bass fashion that Illenium has become known for, the innocent vocals and the soothing production compliment one another perfectly. Listen to “Fractures” by Illenium below and show your support by finding a performance near you this spring or summer!

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