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YOOKiE Goes Hard With A New “This Kills It Live” Jotaro Remix

Phiso's Jotaro is just one of those songs. Inspired by the Stardust Crusaders' characters, Jotaro is one of the songs that has been remixed over and over again since its release about a year ago. Probably the most infamous was Slushii's flip from a few months back. But now, there's a new “This Kills It Live” version by YOOKiE that may just rival Slushii's mix.

If you hit ‘play' on the song and think you may have accidentally lit the fuse of some dynamite, don't worry it's just the sound effects on the track foreshadowing what you can expect from the rest of the song. It then leads into an exceptionally bouncy bass line before settling down into near-silence. A minute in, just as the quietness has overcome you, ring the alarm because the bass line is gets that much heavier. And it'll stay that way the remainder of the song.

All-in-all, the meaning behind the title rings true. YOOKiE's track ‘kills it live' and is a trap-tastic composition of a tribute song.

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