Are you looking to take a jump into the deeper side of house music? Well luckily for you EDM Sauce has the perfect track to add to your playlist. ‘GAME TIGHT!' by Australian producer, ‘SirBenCharles' is the perfect track to get your body moving this weekend.
The track starts with a tight drum beat that will definitely get your body to move and some deep growls that will give you a hint of what's to come. A perfect build-up leads to one of the deepest drops we have heard so far in 2017. The infectious synths and the pounding percussion used in the drop will be sure to get any dancefloor moving and any Soundcloud playlist grooving.
‘GAME TIGHT!' is definitely a deep banger from ‘SirBenCharles' so be sure to keep an eye out for him in 2017 and to follow us over at EDM Sauce to keep up to date with all of the hottest dance music news.
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Listen to the tune below:

Alec Giorgio
Hi I'm Alec ! I like dance music way too much and sometimes I like to write about it! I am born and raised in NYC so maybe you will find me at an event near you! I am happy to be a member of the EDM Sauce team. Feel free to follow my socials. :)