This week, NYC duo Break Science and SoCal producer Dreamers Delight have united to create a downtempo lover’s wet dream. The track “Dream Sequence” takes the back bone of Break Science’s sound and combines it with the bells, whistles and chimes of Dreamer's Delight to create quite the ethereal experience.

Break Science consists of veterans Borahm Lee and Adam Deitch, who are instrumentalists for the ever-famous Pretty Lights. Deitch (who also drums for Lettuce) is a fusion of musical tastes with a penchant for hip-hop inspired beats. He uses his Break Science project to fuel unique collaborations like this one. Reed Krafft, the man behind Dreamer's Delight, set to be an instant hit in the future bass scene, and adds the perfect amount of sleepy nostalgia to the track.

Press play below, and while you listen, feel free to leave a comment describing the state of bliss you are in.