Diplo, otherwise known as one of the most prominent figures in the EDM scene, released a song on January 13 with Autoerotique. The song titled “Waist Time” was released on Diplo’s label, Mad Decent.

The track holds true to Diplo’s signature sound. Bass-heavy with trappy drums and influences from both house music and dubstep alike, “Waist Time” does not prove to be anything revolutionary in itself. Rather, the track contains all the basic components to a classic party anthem that bass lovers and dance music fans can get down to together. The three-minute song relies on repetition as the same pitched down lyric sample is played on repeat overtop the uniform build up and drops of the track.

What makes this song stand out (besides the fact it has Diplo’s name on it) is not the track necessarily, but its relation to hooping. Alongside the track’s release Diplo released an accompanying music video on Mad Decent's Youtube page. The music video revolves around a group of women hooping together in the underground corners of an unknown city. Attaching a go-pro to a hula hoop provides shots with a unique perspective on the growing dance form. Hooping has become an important and prominent aspect of EDM culture as well as dance culture in general.

Check out the video down below or listen to “Waist Time” here.

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