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A New Precedent: YouTube Channel Launches Record Label

When YouTube first launched nearly 12 years ago, no one could have imagined what it would be today. It was all about “Charlie Bit My Finger,” “Shoes” and “The Evolution of Dance” back then, but YouTube today — where does one even begin? The most viewed videos are almost exclusively music, though, which makes sense why channels such as Proximity, Mr. Suicide Sheep and xKito have flourished.

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Proximity has been around for over five years now, and known to many as the destination for “your favorite music you haven't heard yet,” the channel currently has 4.3 million subscribers. It's quite a feat, which was why many were not surprised to hear the latest News. Proximity will be launching a record label.

“To be able to move Proximity as a brand far beyond a YouTube channel is mind blowing to me,” said Blake Coppleson — the founder and creator of Proximity — in a statement.

“Music is the reason why I switched my career path to focusing 100% on Proximity, and I want to give back to you, the fans, the content creators, and the people who just want to listen to good music for continuing to support Proximity as a brand. To be able to control the music that goes on Proximity, as well as allowing content creators to use music in their videos for free without having their videos taken down due to copyright strikes, this is why I am moving in this direction!”

As inevitable as the move may be, the news to launch the record label has been equally exciting. Check out our coverage of Proximity's first official release below!

Morgan Page & Steve James – Candles

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