Dirty Audio has returned to Monstercat and teamed up with newcomer Max Styler for an absolutely epic track known, fittingly, as ‘Roller Coaster'. We have been a big fan of Dirty Audio since his first few releases on Panda Funk, but this tune has shown how he has grown as a producer.

It is definitely a wild track – the wave format along looks like a roller coaster. The song is built off of a trap format, though we are hard pressed to define it as a trap track alone. Both artists and their independent styles can be heard throughout the track. The chopping and pitched vocal samples and drops differing in tempo are of course Dirty Audio but the more future elements of this song have Max written all over them. Monstercat placed 2nd in our 2016 editor poll of best label, and so far in 2017 they are making sure they will regain their number 1 spot. Check out the track below and purchase it here! While you are at it, you might as well check out Dirty Audio, Max Styler and Monstercat on Facebook as well.

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