Two of the biggest names in the world of underground dubstep have teamed up once again to give us a ridiculous new track that was just in time for the Christmas holiday. Dubloadz and Oolacile's latest hit is known as ‘Death Horse' and this insanity definitely lives up to it's name.

‘Death Horse' is a complex track. Of course most modern dubstep is known for it's insane layering and forward thinking arrangements but this track goes beyond the expected. The trune comes off an EP which Dubloadz dropped specifically for the holidays and is without a doubt a stand out on the three track effort. Everything about this song is impressive. The snares are perfectly timed and sculpted while the mix is just outstanding. It is a full sonic onslaught but still just so crisp.

As dubstep continues to be revived slowly but surely through the underground portion of the scene, it is exciting to see two of the most talented producers team up and unleash this kind of absolutely savagery. It is tracks like this that remind us why the bass genres are usually at the forefront in terms of original sound design and end up influencing the electronic music scene as a whole. Take a listen below and be prepared for a full aural takeover.

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