Maybe it's just me, but I feel like I haven't heard as much quality drum and bass as I used to (especially in the States). A quick look across the pond, however, and you may find that Birmingham's Ben Hall, or BH, has the DnB fix that you've been looking for!

In his latest release with vocalist Rebekah Buffong, BH starts “Lights Go Down” by inviting the listener into an ambient soundscape. As the track builds up, Buffong's enchanting vocals eventually lead you to a smooth drum and bassline that's sure to get the heart racing. After the DnB drop, BH and Buffong bring you back to the previous soundscape, adding other electronic elements as well that come together in perfect harmony, all before the two take “Lights Go Down” home one more time.

“Lights Go Down” by BH and Rebekah Buffong is quite the journey, on which you're invited to join below! If you dig it, feel free to check out Ben's other releases and support his latest endeavors as an artist!