The Canadian duo, Botnek, proves once again it is pushing the barriers of head-bangingly good music with the release of the four track EP, Buffering… The EP, just like the duo’s last one, Connecting?, was produced via Dim Mak records. Fusing elements of dubstep and basshouse, the EP includes four songs that are deliciously heavy and bass ridden.

The first track, “ur 2 cool,” is a collaboration with fellow Canadian dubstep artist, Snails, and was released as a single in early November. There is no mistaking Snails characteristic “vomitstep” sound as it intertwines with Botnek’s own. Earlier this year, the two artists released their “Happy Hour” collaboration. Hopefully this pattern is one that repeats itself by the two in the near future.

The second song off of the EP, “Simple Sounds,” switches it up with a breakbeat vibe. However, the tantalizing heavy bass and robotized voice sample keep it Botnek. As if reading your exact thoughts, the line, “you will discover the amazing power of our equipment by demonstrating simple sounds you will not be able to resist,” is repeated throughout the song, interweaving itself between drops.

Slowing it down with their third song, “Losing My Mind,” is a monstrous and dark bass house track. With industrial elements and punk styled lyrics, the track carries a twisted brokenness with it throughout the whole four and a half minutes.

Finally, the duo closes out Buffering… with the track “Pickles!” Humorous and quirky, “Pickles!” picks up the mood from “Losing My Mind.” With classic house build ups and drops, the track is upbeat and infectious. Botnek has also graciously offered it as a free download.

Listen to Buffering… down below and check out Botnek’s soundcloud page here:

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