Bay Area producer, Grensta, has stayed active throughout the year.  After releasing original tracks like “Get Up”, and remixing tracks like “Stuart's Acid” from Ghostea x Quincinerate, Grensta is keeping things rolling with the release of his own EP.

Grensta's EP, titled “I.C.U.”, contains two tracks: the title track, “I.C.U.”, and “Street Tingz”.  The first track, “I.C.U.”, is a House track that contains some buzzworthy basslines and zippy synths.  The vocal samples are the true stars in “I.C.U”.  The hypnotizing female vocals with the scattered male responses make you feel as if you're a fly on the wall at the club where these two are about to meet.  On the B side, “Street Tingz” while giving off a bit more of a darker feel, it does picks up the tempo a bit, making it the more dance-worthy track of the two.

The “I.C.U” EP is available now via Nite Records.