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PhaseOne Drops ‘Area 51’ and Some Aussie Knowledge [Interview]

PhaseOne has been a favorite of EDM Sauce since he first started breaking onto the scene a few years ago. We have stayed in good touch with our favorite Aussie and sure enough with each release PhaseOne has steadily been making more of a name for himself all around the world. Most recently he dropped his show stopper – ‘Area 51' feat. F3tch. We got the chance to catch up and pick his brain on a little bit of everything, from the trend of alien themed releases, the US election and what we need to learn from our kangaroo inhabited neighbor from the way down south.

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Honestly after these last couple of weeks, it almost seems like America broke down. Well, that is what it seemed like to an American guy born and raised here. So I was ultimately curious about how an international friend might perceive the recent events around the US electing a human sized, sex offending, troll doll. Well his response was a bit humbling in a way.

“Honestly if a man like that is eligible to even run for president, how can you be surprised that he was elected. It's a definite “Face Palm” moment though for sure. As a musician I hope his new immigration policies won't affect my ability to live and work in the country.”

I mean that is a fair assessment of current events. I think we can all agree that we hope our president elect's borderline ridiculous immigration platform can stay away from approving visa's for visiting artists. Having enjoyed an outsider perspective on the shambles we are referring to as a country, I thought I would check and see what else the Aussie's can help us with. More specifically what are the key phrases we need to adopt from the land down under.

1. “Pissed” (meaning drunk)

2. “Got the shits” (meaning angry)

3. “Bogan” (Redneck)

4. The “C” word (when it's meant as a term of endearment towards a mate)

5. “Prawns” FYI we don't call it a shrimp on a barbie haha

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My mind was blown. Apparently CVNTS is a term of endearment and shrimp on the barbie was all a lie…well hearing all that I guess you could say I got the shits. Well onto more pertinent things; PhaseOne over the past year or two has hit us with a collection of tunes all revolving around aliens in some way. Naturally the next questions had to be what he would do if aliens did make contact? As well as what he thinks is being hidden away in Area 51 besides the aliens of course…

“I'd ask them if they'd heard my new single. I'd hope so seeing as it's dedicated to them haha.”

[On Area 51…]

“Either the secret to eternal youth, or a killer venue where I'd love to perform at!”

Moving on to what has been the focus of PhaseOne's attention, besides the possible alien invasion. I wanted to see what he was watching on TV recently. There have been a lot of shows with SciFi themes and even alien involvement making the rounds for fall sweeps. His answer got our attention for a totally different reason:

“Right now Stranger Things. Apart from the supernatural themes, love that 80's nostalgia. I Can't wait for the next season (for more reasons than one.. stay tuned)”


Well I might be being a bit brash in assuming we just received a pretty sizable hint as to what PhaseOne is working on next. I can only hope that some sort of insanity involving bass, the demigorgen, 11, and aliens is going to be mashed up for the release of the freaking century. Speaking of releases I had to ask more specifically if all of these alien themes were leading up to a feature length alien LP?

No LP just yet, I'm writing my next EP which should be available early 2017, but there will still be some alien themes/influences in my future writing. I love that people dig the themed releases, I think it helps them paint a picture of what an alien invasion would be like (sonically). Other future plans include, extensive US touring & making music my full time Job, with the high and very likely potential of moving to the states with my gf who's an actress.

So while we might not be able to hear a full long play of an alien invasion, we can look forward to more intergalactic bass coming our way from PhaseOne in the near future. Now you need to check out his latest release, ‘Area 51' feat. F3tch. He took the intensity to light speed in this track and added in an unforgiving amount of bass. The track features the tempo change in drops that has become a signature of PhaseOne. It is all around an absolute monster of a track, you can check it out below and purchase it for your own personal library here.

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