The last few months have been circled around the return of French superstar's Justice to the world of dance music. The duo broke down walls and changed the game entirely in 2007 with their release of ‘Cross‘. Since then the scene has changed greatly, what people expect has differed and overall the landscape of dance music has been turned on it's head. Fast forward almost a decade and even with all of that change, Justice and their latest LP, ‘Woman', is changing the game all over again.

Take a listen to the highly awaited album below and listen to what might be the tracks that set the stage for the next ten years of dance music to come. Justice was just announced as a headliner for Ultra 2017 and is a favored suspect as a Coachella headliner as well. Lucky for us, the pair will lead the charge at mainstages around the world, demonstrating the beauty of what happens when old meets new in the world of EDM.

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