As one of the most masterful and talented producers in the music industry, Deadmau5 has grown to become an iconic figure in the world of electronic music. Recently he announced that he will be partnering with MasterClass to teach aspiring producers.

MasterClass is an online company that collaborates with the most successful figures in the world. Whether you take an online tennis tutorial with Serena Williams or have Usher teach you the art of performance, MasterClass provides an array of skill sets taught by only the best. It is not surprise then that the company added Deadmau5 to their list of teachers.

“Learn how he experiments with melodies, masters tracks, and works with synths to create unique sounds,” quotes MasterClass, “You don’t need million dollar gear to make hit tracks. Joel [Deadmau5] will teach you the techniques that took him from bedroom producer to dance music icon.”

For just $90, hopeful producers will gain access to 20+ video lessons, a downloadable class workbook, and the ability to upload videos to get feedback from your class. A few lucky students will even receive feedback directly from Joel himself.

“My MasterClass is a no bullshit look into what it takes to make great music, and it’s not just buying millions of dollars’ worth of gear,” said Deadmau5, “I’m going to show my students how to play with sounds and mix melodies they can share with the world. I’ve never done something at this depth before.”

If interested, you can pre-register for winter 2016 classes here.

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