Recently, there have been a large amount of rumors spreading about well-known DJ, Skrillex, possibly doing a new side project. The rumors were first ignited when Yogi released his new single “Blow You Up,” featuring AlunaGeorge and a mysterious artist named Less is Moore. Now the question is, who exactly is Less is Moore?


Many people are claiming that Skrillex could likely be using an alias, for his real name is Sonny Moore. On Google, little results are found when searching for the possible alias, including social media accounts that have just recently been created.

Honestly, it is not hard to believe that Skrillex had some relation to the new hit. The vocal melodies and much of the drum designs points to Sonny, but not certainly.

Unfortunately, The Less is Moore page is stating that they're not Skrillex, but can this be some kind of a hoax? Can this be some kind of way to lure people off from the topic? Hopefully, more details about the identity of the artist will be released soon.

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