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Koven – Come To Light EP

Koven has released the highly anticipated EP Come To Life. The four track EP is the electronic duo’s debut EP with Monstercat. Along with the EP Koven has put together an impressive video for the track Breathing Me In. The sensational video contains impressive visual effects and an incredibly moving storyline.

Telling Me starts off Come To Life with a swing feel. With perfectly placed old school synths and classic dubstep drums Max channels his inner NERO with this old school beauty. At the bridge you hear a wonderful melody that winds the song up as the aforementioned synths merge and the drop hits. This song really sets the tone for this amazing EP.

Breathing Me In begins with a tambourine shaking as the chords set a foundation of the track. The sound of an actual drum set takes over as the song builds. At the chorus Katie’s voice launches out with such clarity and power that every hair on my body stands on end. By the time the violins start I was already lost in this breathtaking track that very well could be my favorite track on this EP. Watch the beautiful video for Breathing Me In below.

Silence comes out the gate with a relaxed almost tropical vibe. The echoing vocals give way to haunting howls that really bring your emotions to the forefront. The synths take over and the song marches on with Koven’s familiar power and grace.

Everything closes out the EP with a dark track that is the epitome of melodic dubstep. Katie’s emotive vocals weave in and out of the percussion. Just as you think the song is winding down Max expands the song to fill the room with sound.

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