Deadmau5 has shared an official release date and title for his forthcoming album, ‘W:/2016ALBUM/’.

He announced the album via Facebook by simply changing Mau5trap’s cover photo to an image with the title and it is confirmed that the album will be available on December 2nd. This album will be his first one released under his own label, Mau5trap and it follows his 2014 release, ‘while(1<2)’. The name ‘W:/2016ALBUM/’ gives compliment to Deadmau5’s technological way of life and raw techy style of music and is pronounced, “W drive 2016 album”.

Deadmau5 has recently released “bad at titles” with ATTLAS, a tech-house progressive journey, and “snowcone” a track with a different vibe that sounds like it was transported from the 90’s with underlying hip-hop instrumentals and beautiful light vocals.

‘W:/2016ALBUM/’ is his 8th album in total and he first hinted the awaited release date of his new album with a tweet on November 3rd with just one word, “soon”.

With 2 and half years since his latest album, it is highly anticipated and will be home to unheard tracks along with creations from his live Twitch sessions. Being his first self-released album, ‘W:/2016ALBUM/’ makes history for Deadmau5. Check out his most recent release, his collaboration with Kaskade “Beneath with me”.