Diego Cuevas (left) and Jackson Englund (right)
Mont Blvck performing live @ Gari Safari. Diego Cuevas (left) and Jackson Englund (right)

LA electronic duo Mont Blvck may be new on the scene but are actually the result of many years of creativity and inspiration from two very bright musicians. Diego Cuevas, son of Grammy award winning latin rockstar Beto Cuevas, and Jackson Englund, brother of renown vocalist Anabel Englund, have created one of the freshest sounds in the flourishing LA underground, with a stage show that combines live and DJ elements. “GIMME” marks the their first single, initially bringing you back to the retro sounds of classic electronica in the likes of New Order or Underworld, but progresses into a dark, housey beat that suits their hometowns trademark warehouse and industrial environments. Mont Blvck has begun expanding their reach, performing in both New York and Chicago in recent months and we expect to see much more of them in the coming months.