MAG-LEV Audio is a new kick starter audio company looking to add levitating turntables to newest musical innovation. This company became live as of October 12th. Having already raised $130,674 towards the end goal of$300,000, the designers are hoping for a September 2017 launch.

How does it work? The use of sensor regulating software and magnetic levitation make it possible for a consistent and accurate turn of the platter. In addition to new drive systems, the designers added an illumination effect under the platter. This is to enhance the effect of levitation when lights are dimmed. Finally, users can switch between R.p.m settings with the turn of a button and has a Pro-Ject 8.6 tonearm and Ortofon OM 5E mm-Cartridge.

In addition updated parts and software, backers can choose from three types of turntables. Classic imitation wood, black and finally, white. According to MAG-LEV,”we love innovation and music.”

Until the physical turntables are released, check out the Kickstarter page: MAG-LEV

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