You've read that right my friend, Just A Gent, the young 19-year old talent from Australia just announced his upcoming EP Stories To Tell, and to tease his fans he dropped a special bonus track titled “Trip To Mars”. Featuring on the track is singer Sammy Constantine, who executes her top line melody perfectly over the smooth chords that rapidly energize with the introductions of new elements and flares; all of which add to the grit and impact of the detuned synths in the drop. The track is absolutely phenomenal; a true testament to what one person can do when they begin to flow with the song that's inside them, and that's what separates Just A Gent from so many other young electronic musicians. You feel his soul and pure intentions in his songs. He's making music simply for the process of making it, because it excites him, because it inspires him, and because he would feel lost without it. Ultimately, you will see him join the ranks of true musicians; his music has a quality to it that can allow it to endure the ultimate test of time, and that's just my opinion on “Trip To Mars”.

Luckily for me, he was so very kind to send us over here at EDMSauce an early preview of the entire EP and I can say full heartedly that you will no be disappointed by this piece of art. Expect Stories To Tell in stores and online on the 26th. Check out the track below, and comment your thoughts!

You can follow Just A Gent on: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

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