Ferry Corsten unveils the newest master work from his beloved trance alias, Gouryella titled ‘Neba’ (meaning “Heaven” in Slovak). His newest track ‘Neba' is entrenched with sweeping melodies, tinged in rolling bass lines and atmospheric in its orchestral arrangement, all of which gives it an instantly propelling charm. Ferry Corsten also performed this past weekend in Las Vegas at the Electronic Daisy Carnival festival for the first time as Gouryella.

This is what Ferry has to say about his alias Gouryella ‘I’ve been fortunate enough to spent much of my life making music and performing that music to incredible audiences worldwide. Over the past few years I was slowly becoming disheartened with the way the sound of our scene was evolving. I felt that the heart was slowly leaving the music in favour of those big drops and I felt the fans were sensing this too. So I’m really happy that I decided to return to Gouryella. It’s really given me a chance to explore an area of music I, and I imagine many others, have always been passionate about; that emotive quality which makes a record so memorable'

Take a listen down below of Gouryella's ‘Neba'