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Bassnectar Opens Up About His Recent Skin Cancer Experience

In a heartfelt Facebook post, Bassnectar opened up about his recent skin cancer experience.

Bassnectar wrote “This spring i was shocked to learn I had skin cancer. This week I had surgery – it was a success! 100% removed – zero complications.” While we weren't aware Bassnectar had skin cancer to begin with, Bassnectar says that “It was extremely scary because it was about an inch under my left eye and they didn't know how deep until they started trying to remove it – there was fear that it could have fanned out and potentially spread too close to my eye.”

Bassnectar Opens Up About His Health

Bassnectar then began to share how extremely fortunate he has been in this life. Bassnectar wrote that he has “avoided any real health complications, and basically have kind of a Peter Pan syndrome: still feel like I'm 20 years old. I'm also kind of a hypochondriac and spend a ton of time and energy trying to maintain optimum health through diet, sleep, exercise, and just generally being kind of a wuss…. I'm not into partying much, and I'm not a thrill-seeker or risk taker, but one of my *FAVORITE* feelings in life is laying in the sun and feeling the warm rays soak my body. I've always smothered myself in sunscreen, and although my sweet momma is blonde & fair skinned, my dad is Italian, and I never worried too much about getting skin cancer.”

Bassnectar wrote “I wanted to pass on a note giving thanks, and expressing my deep joy to be able to continue enjoying life on Earth as an enthusiastic participant. But I also wanted just to pass it on that, apparently Sun Damage is a thing – and maybe if you are reading this, it can help you avoid this for yourself or a loved one. What I have learned through this crash course of shock, panic & pandemonium is that our skin can be damaged by the sun over a long period of time, and years later an issue can arise. So if you are “young & free” and just living life to the fullest that's great and all, but wear sunscreen. They say having “zinc” in the sunscreen is ideal, and while 30 SPF is ok, they recommend 45-50. This isn't just for when you lay out in the sun, its for basically every day. I had what is called “Basal Cell Carcinoma” which thankfully is “easier” to remove than some other types.”

Bassnectar then wrote “Although it was in a very dangerous spot right next to my eye, it simply had to be removed, and sooner than later. I am obviously not a doctor, but if you know me, you know that Health & Safety is a huge priority for me, as well as for the whole Bassnectar Crew. I strive to help my friends live as happily and healthily as possible, so this is something I just felt called to share. Make sure you go see your doc regularly, at least once a year for a physical, and just keep on top of your health: these amazing bodies are ABSOLUTELY the most magical things we have, and I hope you treasure yours carefully, as well as encourage your friends and family to do the same.”

Take a look at Bassnectar's Facebook post here.

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