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Krewella’s “Ammunition” EP: The “Old” vs The “New”

Today's June 8th, also known as “Krew Day” to Krewella; a day close to the hearts of all three members (current and former) as the anniversary for when the group decided to focus on music, and only on music. It all began on June 8th, 2010 and not before long, the group had made a name for themselves outside of their home city, Chicago. Krewella took the electronic music community by storm, going from small venues to the main stage within their first three years together. Unfortunately, the relationships between the two sisters — Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf — and the third member Kris “Rain Man” Trindl soon went sour, however, I would like to take today to forget about that because following Krewella's new release, I believe that the “new” and the “old” Krewella may not be so different after all.

“I miss the old Krewella,
Straight from the go Krewella.
Now I'm a troll Krewella,
Fuck those two hoes Krewella.”

On this day last year, the sisters had released two singles as Krewella and “Somewhere to Run” was the first step toward the “new” Krewella. The duo had already “said goodbye” on their first single without Trindl, but “Somewhere to Run” was when Krewella truly took a step away from their past.

Jahan Yousaf

“I hate the new Krewella,
Where is the dude Krewella?
Heard they got sued Krewella,
The ghost produced Krewella.”

However, their “Ammunition” EP — released last month on Friday, May 20 — felt much more like the “old” Krewella than “Say Goodbye” and “Somewhere to Run” previously had felt so let's ditch these quotation marks because the new Krewella's still Krewella. Because, though…

“I miss back then Krewella,
The EDM Krewella,
Before the drama, taking shots of Jameson Krewella.
I used to love Krewella.”

(I still do, Krewella…)

Yasmine Yousaf

Lyrically, the “Ammunition” EP may be Krewella's next chapter, however, regarding the overall production of the six-track release, a majority of the EP sounded reminiscent of past tracks. Although “Ammunition” ends on a somber note with the title track and “Can't Forget You,” the first four tracks certainly “Play Hard,” making you wet one song at a time.

The EP's two singles — “Beggars” and “Broken Record” — featured electronic elements from Krewella's time as a trio, specifically the drops, but Krew also utilized various grudge-esque production, which fits with their live sets.

Similar notes could be said about “Marching On,” however, more notably, the EP's third track referenced “Human,” a fan favorite from Krewella's debut album, “Get Wet.”

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Finally, “Surrender The Throne” was the most fast paced track from Krewella's “Ammunition” EP. An energetic track, the drum and bass production, personally, brought me back to the very first Krewella releases, such as “Killin' It” and “One Minute.”

Furthermore, as closing remarks. what Krewella has created with “Ammunition” showcases what the artists have been capable of… Enjoy Krew Day and listen to the EP below!

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