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Anjunabeats Superstars Ilan Bluestone & Maor Levi Release New EP

If you're a fan of anything related to dance music, you've probably heard the name Above & Beyond. The trance trio has been dominating their genre for the last 10+ years and has made a name for themselves as some of the brightest minds in our scene. They've released an incredible amount of music, played some of the biggest electronic and non-electronic venus across the globe, and have helped forward the careers of many talented artists who were not receiving the recognition their skills warranted. To date, arguably their biggest achievement has been starting and running the label Anjunabeats. Boasting huge names in trance like Andrew Bayer, Audien, and Super8 & Tab, the label has conquered trance and found it's place on top of the genre alongside labels like Armin Van Buuren‘s A State of Trance and Aly & Fila's  Future Sound of Egypt.

Two names from their label that we did not mention before are Ilan Bluestone and Maor Levi. Hailing from The United Kingdom and Israel respectively, their music has infiltrated dance music and has been sending crowds into frenzies for years now. While the styles of the two are eerily similar, they had not collaborated on a project since 2011, which was an early stage in both of their careers. In their rise to fame, they've played shows together and shared the stage with each other many times as well, and it seems that their musical minds have finally come together on a project.

Just five days ago the two released an EP together entitled Shake the Air, and it is absolutely monstrous. Featuring three originals by the two and one remix by producer Daun Giventi the EP features trance tunes of all different types. The diversity of the EP is wonderful, as it shows that the two can produce close to anything within the genre and with their own personal touches can make anthems. The sole remix on the project is very well done, but it doesn't compare to the original productions by Bluestone and Levi. Shake the Air the opening song off of the EP is a progressive anjuna-fueled masterpiece that features an incredible breakdown and a drop that sends listeners into pure ecstasy. Next up on the project is a piece called Dynamic which hones in on simplicity, yet is filled with power. The orchestra style breakdown and build up in this track is superb and gives the track and epic amount of musicianship which to the right ear, can be absolute bliss. The third track, our favorite off of the project, is named You're On My Mind and it is a progressive firecracker that could fit into a trance set of any style. In our eyes, this track molds together the styles of both producers the best on the whole project, making it impossible not to dance to.

Anjunabeats has once again blessed us with a project that has been handed down through the arms of the trance gods, and we as a community are rejoicing. This EP will go on to become the staples of many sets, especially those whipped up in the Anjuna kitchen. Let us know you're thoughts on the EP, and try not to dance to it, we dare you!

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