It's that time of year again folks. The buzz and hype around this years edition of the A State Of Trance compilation album has come to fruition, and we have been blessed by countless trance monsters curated by none other than legendary producer Armin Van BuurenThe 2016 album features new tracks from the biggest and best names in trance including producers such as Omnia, Bryan Kearney, and Armin's side project with fellow producer Benno de Goeij, Gaia. Along with all of these heavy hitters, big time trance duo Super8 & Tab have also released a track on the project entitled Mega, and believe us when we say this: it's the best song off of the compilation by far.

The duo has completely outdone themselves and produced a song that will go on to become a staple in trance sets all over the world for the next few months. This track does more than just fall in line with countless other singles the Finnish producers have released on Armada music, it tops them all. It begins with a powerful electro based intro that gets the blood pumping from the first bar. Layering synths of the song's main melody drown into the intro until the hard hitting bassline fades out and the piano and high pitched synths of the breakdown smooth the transition to the build up. The build up does not hide the power of the melodic synth used in the main melody, and that melody becomes heavily supported by a powerful kick that stays strong but does not overpower the melody. This track is absolutely sensational, and has been on repeat for us since we first heard it. Check it out below and let us know if you enjoy it as much as we do. We'll keep on dancing to it and the rest of the 2016 compilation, as yet again we are forever grateful for having A State of Trance in our lives.

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