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Future Bass

Blackbear – Girls Like You (Tarro Remix)

“Give me your forever, at least just for a while” – Blackbear


Fun fact, “girls like you” is not actually said in the Tarro remix of this song. However, “Girls Like You” is probably the best song i've heard so far in 2016 (and I listen to a lot of music). Blackbear is an artist that has an interesting story. He's worked on some music with Justin Bieber (“Baby”) and Mike Posner (who he features on his new “Drink Bleach” EP), and has released some incredible solo music (that is so under the radar it hurts). He is musically just pure vibes. I am pretty pleasantly surprised his music hasn't been more mainstream. Oh well, here is the original version of “Girls Like You”.



Ok onto Tarro. This is his second remix of a Blackbear song, and both have been on some different musical level. If either of you read this, you might as well collab. It's really a perfect combo. This R&B future bass type fusion on “Girls Like You” really works. Deep, dark lyrics and a dash of future bass/trap make for some cool energy. It's just one of those relatable lyrical anecdotes accentuated by some great sound design and catchy future bass rhythm. I don't really know much about Tarro other than I like his music a lot. He's been in the future bass game for a while now killing it. His music ranges from happy to some late night feel. It's unpredictable and I like it. Check out his soundcloud and twitter to see his musical how his musical journey proceeds.

Oh yeah! This song is a free download! It's pretty worth it. This is the perfect addition to any playlist this summer. It's definitely a late night, long car ride type of song. I mean trust me, I'm blogging at 10PM after having heard this on a long car ride. It fit my mood perfectly.

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