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Q & A with Lick Twist


Young production duo, ‘Lick Twist', is a combination of production talent, passion for music, and a ton of originality. Lick Twist was able to find some time to sit down with us and give us some insight into their lives as producers with a Q&A format. They discuss new tracks, give their candid opinions on new collaborations, and discuss whats coming up in the future for the group. Take a peek below and don't forget to listen to their newest singles here!


What got you into production?

Growing up, we were always heavily into music. Concerts, festivals, bumping in the car, wearing Headphones all day in school… whatever the situation, music was present. We were raised by hip-hop/rap, before eventually making the switch to electronic music.

We were always unsatisfied with the music that was out there, so we decided to make what we would like to listen to most.

What motivates you?

We're motivated every day by so many different experiences.

Although I think this is not exactly the answer you're looking for, what motivates us most is originality. To be ourselves in such a saturated market of producers and artists is important, while maintaining a forward progression in regards to; production quality, artistic styles, and originality. Being unique.

New collaborations / Tracks / Tours / Shows you want to announce?

We have so much new music coming that we can't wait to share with everyone. We've been on hold for the past few months locked in the studio. Have about nine or ten records ready to go – all of which should be released in the near future. A bunch of interesting collaborations – we can't say exactly with who – but we're sure everyone will be pleasantly surprised.

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Who would you like to collaborate with? Any artists specifically?

This is, and has always been an interesting question for us. We were never ones to jump on collabs with artists or producers based on their exposure, reach, or how established they are in the market. We only want to work with people who make high quality, original music.

What is the importance of social media to you in terms of the current industry?

Social media is giving us the groundwork to get our brand out there. We've been so focused on our production that we haven't utilized the avenues that social media truly can, and will provide, but stay tuned there… A lot of new interactive material on the way.

What is a dream venue for you guys?

We're definitely fans of playing the intimate club shows where you can really connect to the crowd and party with them. That being said, Tomorrowland, Ultra, MSG…

Any tips that you would give up-coming and emerging producers?

Where to even begin here… It's important that you develop and maintain your own sound and style. Take influences from as many genres and types of music as you can, but be careful to make sure that you develop your own unique vibe. Most importantly, work ethic. Don't get too caught up in how far you may have to go to reach your goal, try to always stay positive on the journey, and how far you've already come.

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