Jake Weber, a young emerging producer signed to Los Angeles record label, ‘Little Frog Ent.', might have just given us the Summer's first festival style, big-room anthem with his newest release, ‘This is How We Party'. Now, even if you're new to the scene, the title brings back memories of R3HAB x Vinai's 2013 festival classic, ‘This is how we Party', but after listening, Weber's record most definitely belongs in the same category. The intro of this track rises into a pitch-bending saw style synth, carefully crafted with an extremely catchy melody that will surely have the crowd playing their air-pianos while chirping along. Rising through the crescendo with closely mapped out snares and rolling bass-lines, it drops into a massive, tuned-kicked heater with crushing super-saws, and sub-bass streaming from the kick. While listening you can almost see the crowd on live-stream from Tomorrowland bouncing in unison to this festival anthem. The production quality in this track, albeit the song being big-room, is very precise and well-groomed. Weber receives an A+ on this production and we hope to see a ton more from him in the near future. Take a listen to this massive banger below.