Arthur Galestian's preferred production environment
Arthur Galestian's preferred production environment

Between riding motorcycles in rural back countries and seeing historical landmarks and tropical haven's of Asia's lushest climates, Arthur Galestian still finds time to produce new and innovative sounds.  Working off just a laptop, headphones, and a great view, it's no wonder AG has developed a more tropical sound. Following his heart melting “Drifting” remix, “Adore” might be even more memorable and effective on the dancefloor. Arthur clearly shows his knack for picking out amazing vocals and Jasmine Thompson‘s may be his best yet. You can download the track for free by voting for Arthur in the Adore remix contest here.

Mike Suarez
I've been a music enthusiast for as long as I can remember and there are few things I enjoy as much as sharing the incredible music that gets me through life. As always, I greatly appreciate all the readers for your continued support! Hit me up! @mikesuarezmusic.....:))))))))))
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