Andrew Grant is a DJ and producer who seems to be on a mission to find the next big sound. “Gravity” is a far-reaching single with a ton of different electronic styles, and I think Andrew Grant really pulls it off. First, take a moment to read some background on the artist's thoughts behind the new song. Then have a listen and you can decide for yourself. Oh, and don't miss out on the free download!

“This song is a reflection of a personal experience I had where I was in a relationship with someone who I care about and love deeply but there was a fundamental problem that unfortunatly could not be resolved creating great pain. In general, relationships fail for various reasons. For me it is usually timing or the past getting in the way of the present. Nonetheless, I realized I was stuck in a catch 22 situation where either staying in the relationship or leaving it was going to bring a tremendous level of unavoidable heartache and this song is a reflection of being acutely aware of that inescapable reality. ” -Andrew Grant


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