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Future Bass

Robotaki – Low Key Artist of the Week Number 4

Robotaki – Low Key Artist of the Week

Hey what's up everyone!? I am back with another low key artist of the week! Well, more like an artist you should be listening to. His name is Robotaki, he has a debilitating lactose intolerance, and he makes amazing music. After being featured on a Too Future guest mix he has been picking up a nice following! Future Bass style music is picking up a lot of momentum in the dance music scene. He may be a low key artist of the week this week, but sometime in the very near future you will see him playing music festivals. His music is very unique. Video games, Porter Robinson, and feels. The three things that Make Up his musical make-up. At least in my opinion…

His Music


Honestly there isn't much more to say. His music is a little bit video game inspired, a little bit funk inspired. He has a few songs that are incredible that I will post below! His remix of “Speak Easy” by Mansionair is my favorite :). His remix of “Painted In Gold” by Strange Talk is a close second though. My girlfriend reposted that song on Soundcloud and I absolutely fell in love with the sound. I sense a little but of inspiration by Porter Robinson (only in the lush chords that feature a very distinct arpeggiator sound within). Ok I will stop with the parallels to Porter Robinson Robotaki, but hey I definitely don't think that is all too negative!


Robotaki is an artist you should absolutely be watching out for. These are some pretty amazing sounds, but he has many more tracks worth listening to on his Soundcloud. These are just my favorite! Follow his Soundcloud, Facebook, and Twitter for any Robotaki related updates. Or email him at to talk about Harry Potter.

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