Grensta mugshotDefinitely a name to keep your ears on in 2016! Ryan Grennen, aka Grensta, loves extra bass to go with his funky, garagy taste of house music. Performing alongside industry heavyweights Shiba San, Manila Killa, and Vindatta, Grensta has been on a very steep upward trajectory and even festival overlords Insomniac are taking notice by releasing his latest single “Mistakes” through their Discovery Project page. “Mistakes” is a bit more raw and stripped down than Grensta's previous releases but it's also his heaviest yet. Giant, almost trappy, rhythms steal the show while the attitude remains dark and dirty. As this new breed of west coast house continues to dominate dance floors and playlists, expect to become very familiar with Grensta and don't miss out if he arrives in a club near you.