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EDM Sauce Premiere: A very KANDY Christmas Mix


Graphic Cred: Voodoo Bownz


Check out KANDY's Christmas Mix and a recent interview below!
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Album Art and Track List Designed By: Voodoo Bownz


One of electronic music's most talented and fastest rising producer/DJ, ‘KANDY', has given us a Christmas treat, and released a mix of all of his new music plus some collabs and new records that are still in production. We were able to catch up with KANDY to talk about his recent success, why he began producing, and what has in store for what looks to be, a huge 2016 year.

“The reason why I started producing was because of guys like Laidback Luke, who is one of my biggest inspirations. I've even worked on some remixes for him in the past and it's been such a great experience. I've also been inspired by a lot of GTA's music as well, they have some great records out there. There's literally so many producers I look up to I can't think of all of them right now. I came up from the dance floor and I would constantly go out and buy tickets to their shows and it's been such a huge inspiration of mine to see them do what they do. Again, coming from the dance floor, I made the conscious decision to just get up there and do it myself. It's been such a great experience so far.”

Talking about how difficult it is to come from the dance floor and become a producer, KANDY was able to give us some insight into how his journey starter from raver, to one of the marquee up and comers in the scene.

“I come from producing, so when I was starting out, I really never DJ'ed to be honest. Back when I was trying to get into it, I didn't know how the scene was structured, or where I should start, or where I should begin; any artist starting out, one of the most difficult tasks is to navigate where to start their career. I've had 3 releases with Dim Mak and had the chance to work with Max Styler. I've also received a ton of support from my track released on Main Course from Sonny (Skrillex) and Diplo and I've done a couple remixes for Ultra, so things have been insane. Next year I'm looking forward to playing a ton of shows and currently getting booked on some shows right now. I've signed with Circle Talent and since then, things are starting to get really crazy. I cannot wait to start playing more shows.”


Check out KANDY's original music and Soundcloud here:


Phot cred: Voodoo Bownz

KANDY obviously has a huge 2016 upcoming and will be playing out more than he has in his entire career. Although this is exciting, he spoke about the challenges of striking a balance between the touring life and keeping up with his productions, and the possibility of jump starting his own label.

“I'm trying to stock pile my music right now as much as I can because I obviously won't have much time on the road. Producing is my first love and it's something I'm going to keep up with. I'm just really excited about 2016. I'm actually trying to start my own Record Label called, Sweet Tooth. I want to build my own brand and create it from the ground up.”

Continuing the conversation of his recent success, we asked KANDY what he would tell young producers about what it takes to be successful in the electronic dance music world.

“Momentum. Once you have it and grab the attention of someone and you start to receive a little bit of support, the most important thing is to ride that momentum and keep yourself going. Make as much music as you can. I feel like social media is a huge part of it as well. People want to know what you're about. They want to know your personality, and they can click with that. I think a lot of people like what I do because they follow my social media and have actually seen me grow through the years. I can actually create a connection with my fans and it's something I hold close to me.”

KANDY was very focused on always taking the next step and always staying true to himself. He spoke about different ways to connect with his audience even while he wasn't sitting in front of a computer making music or behind a DJ booth playing shows.

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“I'm always trying to figure out ways to engage my audience whether it is live streaming or ‘Periscoping', or question and answers. There is so much going and there is so much more to provide to my audience. Again, connecting to them is something that's very important to me. There's a ton of stuff that goes on behind the scenes and I think it's important to show them that and include them in it. Putting out great music is a must, but you have to build a relationship on top of that.”

Wrapping up the conversation, KANDY wanted to let his fans know that he had just signed a track with Bingo Player's record label, Hysteria, and what else we can expect from him for the New Year!

“2015 has just been such an exciting year for me. If you had to ask me if I would be where I am now at the beginning of the year I would think you were nuts! I'm nowhere near where I want to be, but 2016 has the makings of being a big year. We have a record coming out on Bingo Player's record label, Hysteria, at the beginning of the year, and about 15 other tracks to be released. I'm just excited to share my music with the world.”

Keep an eye out on EDMsauce as we will be following KANDY's journey in 2016 and posting all of his new music. Check out this awesome mix just in time for the holidays! The track list is listed below.


Album Art and Track List Designed by: Voodoo Bownz

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