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Deadmau5 Deletes Social Media Profiles, Plans to Kill Off ‘Deadmau5’

Update: Deadmau5 Apologizes To Fans, Reveals Why He Deleted His Social Media

Joel Zimmerman aka Deadmau5 always tends to be the talk of the town, but not always for the best reasons.

Back on December 16th, Deadmau5 tweeted out “meh. considering killing off the “deadmau5” bullshit and just start something new. did it before, can do it again. f**k it. why not.” This came to a surprise as many, but shortly after many people saw it as a fabrication as to what Deadmau5 would actually do.

To our surprise though, Joel announced the death of Deadmau5 for good bye deleting both his highly trafficked Facebook and Twitter social media accounts. Now when you go to his social media pages, you will see the following:



Looks like we'll see you in 2017 Joel.


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