Manila Killa drops a brand new remix of ‘Your Love' by Alizzz!


Don't you just love Downtempo?

Alizzz's track – Your Love (Feat. Max Marshall) – has been quickly gaining popularity in recent weeks as the sound of future bass continues to drive the tastes of EDM lovers and Sound Cloud crawlers alike.

Naturally, every popular track gets remixes made of it, ‘Your Love' is no exception.

As part of a collection of remixes, Manila Killa adds his own to the list, and we're certainly glad he did.

Manila's remix adds a soft and chill intro which leads up to a very satisfying downtempo groove, making it incredibly easy to just tune in and zone out.

For those of you that may not know him, Manila Killa is a Washington DC resident originally from Manila Philippines- if it's not already clear… he killed it there and now he's here.

He strives to create new and creative music that seems to have no one genre in particular. Inspired by the likes of Madeon, Passion Pit and even Bastille, Manila's music tends to have the same chilled out vibe with energetic undertones.

So if you're looking for a fresh new track to chill to, Manilla Killa has the answer for today.

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Check out the remix below:



I like electronic music, and all the sub genres and the "sub" sub genres that come with it... I'm a student currently living in Toronto Ontario, Canada. I blog about upcoming music and more recently have been producing my own. I enjoy listening to Future Bass, Trap, Chill-Step, Neon Nature, Nu-Disco, Electro, ElectroSwing, Tropical house, GlitchHop, Dubstep and many and more combinations of the above.