In a time where record labels don't have the classic backbone that the music industry needs, electronic music still has some outlets that hold down the fort and dig deep with gusto. For bass music in the United States, well-versed brostep scholars have no right leaving Play Me Records out of the top of the mix. This week presents a notable offering: New Blood Vol. 6.

This week marks volume 6 of Play Me's compilation that features all new artists to their roster and bass world – featuring some new tunes that not only embrace the state of the times but throw classic dubstep directly into your face. Last year's Vol. 5 comp featured some of the hottest artists of this past year like Jameston Thieves and Prismo. Now, there's some new kids on the block to look out for.

There's a bass house monster track here from Azlan and plenty of filthy dubstep that will get your pants dirty. There's glitch hop from Electromagnetic Blaze and midtempo fire from Lord Swan and Dallas, Texas based Colton Caryle to name a few.

Check out the new bangers below and get your copies here.

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