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Dreamstate Recap: Trance Prevails

It was a pilgrimage, a revolution and most importantly, it was a success.

Dreamstate was a commencement and pioneering event for the likes of the Trance Family and Insomniac Events who set out to carve the message that trance is certainly not dead, but very much alive.

The concept was simple; one stage, one genre and one purpose. It was ultimately this singularity that attributed to the prosperity of the event where over 11,000 event-goers witnessed 20 incredible and diverse artist perform for a beautiful 2-day event.

It was an emotionally raw experience for the trance family, as they came together to celebrate their long-awaited and anticipated crusade. The music, vibes and execution were truly immaculate – a bold triumph for the trance community. 

Photo Credit: Insomniac Events

Photo Credit: Insomniac Events

The lineup boasted a full array of legends who have been playing in the name of trance since it's early beginnings and certainly drew in a massive crowd of diehard fans both young and old. 


The Sets.

Now to the good part, the sets! The first day welcomed big names such as Ben Nicky, Sunny Lax and Orjan Nilsen. A mostly, heavy psytrance presence with a splash of classic names with a full on Fluoro set by the notable Paul Oakenfold. The second day came with big stars such as Paul Van Dyk, Simon Patterson and Aly and Fila which definitely brought in a larger crowd for closing night. Whether it was uplfiting, or fast tech-trance; the music was energetic and fresh that kept the audience dancing for all ten hours of the night.

All of the artist stuck to playing pure trance within your set, not straying away from the genre, which was a fresh breath of air from most “trance” sets at mainstream festivals. Popular remixes of Above and Beyond classics flooded the night as well as powerful psytrance anthems from Indecent Noise and Astrix.

The most impressive were as follows…


An unbelievable set filled with both progressive, tech trance and even some psytrance that riled up the crowd from start to finish. With classics such as “Concrete Angel” that were dropped, this surely resonated with the audience.

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A beautiful, uplifting set with melodies galore! The true OG of trance showed off new singles and old classics alike.


THE FEELS. An early set, but euphorically elevating sounds left not a dry tear in the audience. 


The OG of trance, incredible and energetic set.

 The Atmosphere.

Jake West for Insonmiac Events

Jake West for Insomniac Events

Flags of trance families decorated the arena as old friends reunited together under one roof with one intention; to embrace the music. The loving nature was spread wide and far as strangers danced together in happiness, with actual room to dance! No shoving, pushing or mosh pits, just dancing – a bit of a nostalgic scene for OG ravers.

The overall feels that flowed throughout the night were such happy vibes, thoroughly different than most other Insomniac events. There were barely any attendees acting irresponsibility throughout both nights and strangers sparked up friendly conversations with one another with smiles plastered across their faces as they laughed and danced with one another.

The visuals and productions were beyond exceptional, as Neon lights adorned the room and CO2 cannons constantly flurried the floors with confetti, nothing less to expect from an Insomniac event. The singularity of one stage allowed for the sound to funnel through perfectly, another important attribution of the festival.

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Jake West for Insomniac Events

Jake West for Insomniac Events

   The Message.

Jake West for Insomniac

Jake West for Insomniac

The success of Dreamstate will  allow for a further continuation of trance music to be heard across the world in much larger volumes, at many more festivals and a potential to resurface to it's great days when it first began.

Trance has not, and will never, be dead. It is more than just a genre, and more than just a movement; it is a therapy and way of life for some and where many call home. 

Trance fam, we made it. 

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