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Desert Dwellers + Kalya Scintilla Take Asheville Downtown & Downtempo

New Mountain Asheville hosted the Earth Heart Tour featuring Desert Dwellers, Kalya Scintilla, and MerKaba & Eve Olution for two back-to-back nights of ethereal, transcendental performances. The first night, Saturday November 14, focused on uptempo tribal trance starting with the Desert Dwellers set flowing into MerKaba & Eve Olution. The following evening of music, which I attended, included the down and mid-tempo sounds of Antandra, Numatik, Desert Dwellers, and Kalya Scintilla. Accompanying the musical artistry, live painters, flow performers, and mind-melting visuals were icing on the cake.

On Sunday night the music started around 8:30 with solo producer and world traveler Antandra, aka Jacob Louis, taking the stage. Antandra’s sound is future dub and tribal bass rhythms with atmospheric and psychedelic melodies. He’s shared the stage with musicians like Ott, Sixis, AtYya, Globular, and of course Scintilla and Desert Dwellers. Furthermore he has played at events like Kinnection Campout, CoSM, Burning Man, Unitus, Freeform Music & Arts, and T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi Equinox. Antandra’s music streamed as earthlings started to arrive and transitioned effortlessly into the following set, Numatik.

Summit Jaffe, as Numatik, offers fresh and deep psydub, downtempo, and sonic sounds by merging his technical production knowledge with his cultivation of spiritual consciousness and a deep self-awareness. The entire dance floor encapsulated a space of effortless expression guided by earthly, shamanic vocals and ethnic beats. Numatik has played alongside prominent ethereal artists like Tipper, Random Rab, The Polish Ambassador, Govinda, Rising Appalachia, Alex & Allyson Grey, Bluetech, Akara, Thriftworks, Aligning Minds, Futexture, Push/Pull, and many more.

Desert Dwellers duo Amani Friend and Traevor Moontribe have been producing music together since the late 1990s after connecting through Moontribe events in the deserts outside LA. The two producers seamlessly weave natural worldly sounds with blends of deep bass, indigenous cross-cultural instrumentation, and terrestrial percussion. Pioneers of downtempo music, these two producers had the entire dance floor grooving and flowing free from inhibition. Accompanying the music, mind-blowing visuals of sacred geometry and kaleidoscopic patterns were projected onto the stage’s backdrop. Desert Dwellers bridge sound and movement and have opened for world renowned Twisted Records artist Shpongle, and have played festivals like Boom, Shambhala, Atmosphere, Burning Man, Coachella, and many more across America. Recently, they have released a new album called “The Great Mystery” and are touring extensively through Australia, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Europe, Canada, and the U.S.

Finally Kalya Scintilla and Eve Olution took the stage. Kalya was decorated in his feathers while sacred goddess and visual performer, Eve Olution, steadily rose in ritual bird-like dance as Kalya begun his set. Scintilla’s sound can be described as intentionally visceral and future/ancient cascading into twangy ripples of geometric harmony and earthly indigenous percussion. Scintilla transformed the dance floor into a mental voyage to sub-saharan deserts and vast flowing cosmic oceans of infinite movement, love, and togetherness. Another visual performer joined the stage about a quarter into the set and interacted with Eve Olution in an animalistic tribal war dance. To conclude, Asheville Music Hall, was the perfect venue to host the well attended Earth Heart Tour, packing the stage and audience with beautiful energies. The event was beyond successful in blending the producer’s unique sounds with the visual performer’s and artist’s movements and visuals.

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All Photos By: Melissa Orth Photography

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